Lounge pal Carolyn just sent us a book so incredible that it inspired this special holiday-themed Reading Room. It's called Merry Kitschmas and is by Michael D. Conway, who is clearly a long-lost soulmate. Not only does this man love Christmas, but he is addicted to creating glittery, kitschy crafts, cocktails and all things merry and bright. Let's check out some of his handiwork:

This is the Valley of the Dolls tree. Being enamored of both Barbies AND Jackie Susann novels I found this tree particularly special. Who'd have thought mass quantities of pills could evoke Christmas in such a festive way? It's positively bursting with color and cheer!
Why kill nature to make a Christmas wreath when you can easily make A Wreath of Franklins? Well, it may not actually be EASY to get hold of that many $100 bills, but it would be worth it for this amazing wreath!
This cocktail takes "a partridge in a pear tree" to a whole new level. Danny may have been the drinking Partridge, but you could easily use any Partridge pic that floats your boat!

With projects like these how could I not LOVE this book? It's so great to see someone enjoying the holidays without concern for trends or appropriateness (the creativity killer). Everything here is tongue-in-cheek and designed to make you giggle, while unleashing your creative spirit. Merry Kitschmas has quickly earned a spot next to Pad, one of the most inspiring decorating and creativity books EVER, in my heart. I just love it. Thanks, Carolyn!

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