A Fresh Start

I love the clean slate that seems to come with the new year, whether or not you believe in resolutions. The big changes I've planned for 2013 have already been set in motion. I plan to continue with my recent refocusing on my professional and creative life and scaling way back on partying. I love to entertain, and plan to continue having friends over and attending the occasional party, but I'd made it a focus for a while and it ultimately made me miserable. I'm not a party girl--I'm a professional actress and writer. We'll be attending Ohana Luau at the Lake in June and I hope to take at least one big trip during the year, but the fact is that I need new headshots, which cost in the four figures when all is said and done, we need a new video camera, software, union dues, coachings and a zillion other things that cost money, but ultimately make me a lot happier than partying. I'm looking forward to quality time with real friends, professional challenges, new adventures and the occasional party, including the ones we throw. We'll see you for good times in the new year, after a hard-but-rewarding day of work!

Past Ramblings:


I don't want to be depressing, but I can't help noticing that the world we live in can be a scary place, full of crazy people. All I will say on the subject is, if there is something you desperately want to do, but have been putting off for one reason or another, DO IT. Don't delay. Find a way and do it as soon as possible. The time is NOW.

Thank a Hater

There has never been a time in my life where everyone loved me, but for most of my life I felt that, if they didn't, I was doing something wrong and that I should try to be better in order to be universally liked. Thank heavens I've come to realize that that is some straight up B.S. I have my haters, which is great news. It means I'm playing a bigger game and that I'm doing something right if I threaten them so much. I know that I've never deliberately hurt another person and that any success I have doesn't negatively impact anyone else. My conscience is clear. So, if you don't like me, that's YOUR problem. I'm just being me!

A Velveteen Lounge Manifesto

It has come to my attention over the past few weeks that I'm thought of by some people as something of a goody two-shoes. Apparently I'm too polite and am putting on an act. Never mind who said it. The fact is that the people who said these things don't know me very well. However, I think that perhaps something about the way I express myself has lead to these conclusions. I know I'm not a goody two-shoes, a wuss, or anything else of the sort, but I dislike being misunderstood, so please allow me to set the record straight.

First of all, I do not tell off every single person I come across that really should be told off. If told off everyone who needed a good telling-off I would do nothing else in my life because I would be telling people off full-time. I choose my battles. There is also the real and present possibility of physical violence when you tell off someone you don't know. I try to save tellings-off as a last resort. However, that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen when it needs to be done.

The fact that I don't offer my unsolicited opinion about everything from politics to cartoons to your love life does not mean that I approve of everything you do or that I necessarily agree with you. I despise it when people offer me their unsolicited opinions and I imagine it annoys you as much as it annoys me. You're an adult and I figure you've thought through your opinions and life choices. If you want my opinion you'll ask for it. Otherwise you won't get it unless I'm complimenting you.

I really think there is too much negativity in our society already and I try (not always successfully, I admit) not to bitch about everything under the sun. It's such a cliche. I'd rather try to make my life better than complain constantly about how miserable I am and how it's everybody else's fault. I hate whining but, hey, if you want to whine I support your right to do so. Our founding fathers fought tirelessly for your right to whine.

Wow, this feels great! I hope we're all on the same page now. I'm full of opinions and have plenty of venom to spew, but I like to think that I have a life and my priorities don't include interfering with every person who crosses my path. I think it's time we all sat down now for a nice round of Whiskey Slings. This round's on me...