Let's face it. Recent world events have shown us that life isn't getting any longer and we had better celebrate while we can. To that end, Kelly's Velveteen Lounge has decided that we're going to find something to celebrate each week, even if it kills us. This week we're celebrating


All thrifters, flea market junkies and avid dumpster divers have a holy grail--the item that they long for, lust after and won't rest until they find. Well damned if we didn't FIND my holy grail, for FREE no less, sitting out in front of the New Rochelle Public Library. It was left for sanitation to take away, only WE got there first! I've wanted a spinning paperback book rack for eons and there it was, just waiting for us. I'd looked into buying one, but they're surprisingly expensive. Paul carried the heavy part home on his back, getting caught in trees the whole way (it honestly wouldn't have fit in the car). Now it lives in our bedroom and our beloved paperbacks have a display unit worthy of them. Best of all, it's huge so there's more room for books! Now if I could only find that elusive copy of Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl (I won't pay more than a buck).